Equality of Misery: A good socialist idea?

Equality of misery: A good socialist idea?
In the New Statesman the leader of the civil servants union argues that his union has never argued for an equality of misery. Indeed, he opposes a rush to the bottom in comparing pensions for private and public sector workers.
He then points out that there is little difference between the pensions of private and public sector workers. This implies that we already have a successful rush to the bottom. Instead of lauding his own union for opposing this rush, which has already happened, he should be concerned with recruiting the private sector workers into his union.
Not that this would be easy, as his union is seen as having only public sector members. But this is not true. The union has a Commercial Services sector. There is also a prison services sector. Many of these workers may well have been union members before privatisation. Many more may never have been in a union.
The point here is that there needs to be more focus on growing the union, than in self-congratulation. Indeed, there is a risk of seeing unions as narrowly concerned only with their own members. Worse, they look as though there is little concern with the recently redundant, who may not be union members any longer.
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