Public Sector Strike: Immediate Reactions.

Public Sector Strike: Immediate Reactions

The Conservative party reaction was predictable. Over the last 4 years public support for strikes has fallen; it was claimed. Evidence from the British Social Attitudes surveys from 2010 to 2013 (inclusive) has a different story.
When asked whether management will always try to get the better of employees, the replies from a national sample were as follows:

Agreeing and strongly agreeing to the above question rose over the above years from 51% to 54%.
Disagreeing and strongly disagreeing fell from 46% to 43%.

These figures can be interpreted in different ways. Firstly, they can be seen to imply a stability over 4 years. Secondly, they can be seen to show a small but significant majority distrusting management. This implies some support for striking. Thirdly, this distrust of managers is stable. This implies that support for strikes is stable, and not falling. Fourthly, the two sets of figures are not so far apart. So the views of both strikers and non-strikers, and trusters and non-trusters in managers are all to be fought for.

There is no clear overall majority against strikes.

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